Technoport needs your help creating magical meetings!

Want to make the best innovation conference and meeting of minds in the Nordics?

Do you want to help cure Norway’s economy from its oil addiction?

Develop the biggest innovation conference in the Nordics?

Use your skills to create extraordinary experiences?

Then Technoport is for you!


Deadline: 28.september (but applications will be evaluated on a day to day basis)


Our mission

We believe innovation happens when the right people meet. Every Jobs needs his Wozniak, a Sandberg to his Zuckerberg or a Moser to her...well, Moser. Our goal is to stimulate innovation by creating arenas that bring together entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, investors and students, and have them learn from each other and work together. To achieve this we need innovative and fresh concepts that facilitate more interaction and creative brainstorming than the average shy Norwegian manages to get at a normal conference. We want a fun festival-like atmosphere combining tech, art and music, with a strong emphasis on bringing people together in meaningful conversations.

Our flagship is the Technoport conference, being held 8.-9.march 2017 in Trondheim. This is the biggest innovation conference in Norway, with over 1000 partcipants and international speakers like Charles Adler (founder of Kickstarter), Dirk Ahlborn (CEO Hyperloop) and Nolan Bushnell (made Atari, godfather of videogames). The venue is Clarion Brattøra, and the theme for 2017 is The Human factor. Here we will examine the relationship between humans and technology, with both keynotes and workshops. Click the picture below for a short trailer from the last Technoport conference.

The 2017 program will include these things: Workshops,startup/investor matchmaking, an expo of new tech and research, cool concepts where tech is used to bring people together (and just have fun), targeted networking and more!



Why join us?

  • The chance to use your superpowers to make a difference
  • A social, fun and including work environment with professionals and volunteers
  • Network with Trondheim’s buzzing innovation community and international speakers and participants. ­
  • Valuable experience developing a growing organisation and big events ­
  • Personal growth and learning opportunities ­

What you can do 

Right now we are looking for team players do help do these things, be project leaders or help develop something completely new. Relevant experience is an advantage, but not required.

  • Make the best startup/investor accelerator in Norway
  • Create a kick ass expo of new tech and research
  • Make magical physical meeting places to bring people together
  • Develop new concepts to facilitate interaction
  • Imagine the most high tech meeting place experience in Norway
  • Plan a smooth participant experience/practicalities (badges, venue, logistics, food)
  • PR
  • Sales & Marketing

For questions please write to Marie Johansen at


Deadline: 28.september (but applications will be evaluated on a day to day basis)


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