Trondheim's New Gaming Lab

Work-Work is a co-working space, cafe and gaming lab in downtown Trondheim, Norway.
Work Work

Last December Work-Work opened in downtown Trondheim, and the combined bar and co-working space has quickly become a popular place for the city’s students and gaming enthusiasts.

From being just a good idea years ago, the co-working space opened right before Christmas after years of planning and hard work. The concept of Work-Work is simple, but genius. It is all based on gathering skilled people, letting them interact and share their ideas. That’s a good way to make innovation happen!

The founders met through the Norwegian game developing community Spillmakerlauget. The main idea behind Work-Work was to make a meeting place for all game producers in Trondheim. For many years the game developers of Trondheim and all their resources were spread out in most of the city, meaning that there wasn’t enough cooperation and efficiency in their work. Now they can meet and cooperate at Work-Work, and hopefully they will do even better after the establishment of the co-working space.

What makes Work-Work special is that it has more than only offices for the developers. Working at Work-Work you can have your own office, and after a long day of coding or designing you can go downstairs and enjoy a beer and games at the bar. At the bar you may meet other gaming enthusiasts or professionals like yourself. In that way the game makers can find inspiration whitin each other or have their games tested and reviewed by the actual users.

The response has been very positive, and many of the offices are already occupied. Among those that have moved into the new offices at Work-Work is the game and app developers Bertheussen IT, well-known for their global success Wordfeud, launched in 2010.

Even though Work-Work will mainly offer offices to game developers, there is a big diversity among the users of the offices. Working on and producing games can be everything from coding to doing graphical design or audio technology. In this way there are many different interests and skills represented at Work-Work, but all go under the umbrella of game developing.

Work-Work is something new to Trondheim, and therefore has found its own niche. Despite only being running for two and a half months, Work-Work is already a well-established name in the game making communities of Trondheim and Norway.


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