Trondheim is a Playground: From curiosity to revelation

Trondheim Playground is Norway’s only independently organised innovation event that is
coordinated entirely through collaboration. Showcasing the best of innovation, creativity and
tech from the Greater Region of Trondheim, last year’s event took place across the city,
hosted by over 30 individual organisations and companies, offering 40 unique event with an
intention to open the doors to innovation - and get local residents involved.
Trondheim Maker Faire

Smart learning

This year is all about the era of smart learning; where researchers and influencers preach fear of the digital dementia affecting the millennial generation. We see digital devices everywhere and as consumers, we prefer to buy the newest and most high-tech solutions on the market. Indeed, so high-tech and complex that accessing and operating our hardware and digital devices has become more difficult than ever. Consumer populations used to be able to identify every component in a car – today we can hardly fathom the computer operating it. We used to dismantle and fix our own computers. Today, the screws are not standardised and we have to rely on service stations get the job done. What ever happened to the ‘let’s just fix it’ mentality? For many years I worked at the Trondheim Science Centre (Vitensenteret), not teaching, but conducting experiments together with the visiting kids.

Younger children are great scientists because they have an innate curiosity, lust for leaning and a strong need to ask questions. Constantly. They want the full experience: to touch, to sense – listen, smell, watch and express their reaction in words. Curiosity fosters learning and experimenting leads to creative thinking. I have seen kids at the age of 7 use skills acquired in a chemistry experiment to come up with an entirely original solution to a physics problem, simply from playing, experimenting and hypothesising. Many say that kids are more creative than adults because they don’t already have all the answers to why things work the way they do. Still, there is no reason why any age group should stop playing in the creative sandbox. This is why a large group of players working with creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in Trondheim, decided to start a free festival.  

Build, play, collaborate!

Everyone with a spirit to make, do, get creative and innovate is welcomed to Trondheim Playground; Trondheim’s independent creativity and innovation festival coordinated by over 20 organisers. Of course, you are always welcome to come and just observe, but we can’t make promises that you won’t end up getting motivated and jumping in to participate. A playground is an inclusive and accessible space, meant to be a physical place to have fun with others, build, play, collaborate, be inspired and create stories. Trondheim Playground invites all interested individuals to join and be part of building the festival together with organisers and residents, and inspire others to join in the ‘maker movement’. Attend Trondheim Maker Faire, the biggest Maker Faire North of Rome. Join a creative workshop; join the evening events and talks; meet other innovators and makers, and most importantly: come build something! 

This year Trondheim Playground will take place during one of the last weeks of proper summer, from August 26 – 29. Last year Trondheim Playground festival goers were hit by heavy rain, but that did not stop more than 10,000 visitors from attending the creative atmosphere. Due to the cross-disciplinary collaboration between the city’s key players, Trondheim continues to be the perfect spot to make, share and innovate. This year you can take your pick from events including visiting sequential events teaching you how to build a business, the startup exhibition: ‘Gründermessen’, Trondheim Maker Faire and the ‘Maker + Market’ event. If you are in Trondheim be sure to visit and look forward to experiencing the city’s trademark of tech, hugs and rock’n’roll! 

Written for The List

Photo: Matt Biddulph

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