Women in focus on Day 1

More than 1000 participants showed up when the fourth annual Technoport conference started in Trondheim Wednesday, March 8th. Befitting of the International Women’s Day, innovating women were in focus.
Chris Hadfield

A record-number of exhibitors, participants and speakers - that is the status after day one of this year's Technoport conference.

Female Entrepreneur of the Year comes from NTNU

The most suspenseful moment was during the “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” award, where Their Royal Highnesses, The Crown Prince and Crown Princess attended. The award, which is a cooperation between the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and Innovation Norway, went to Nuria Espallargas of Seram Coatings AS. Espallargas has found a way to transform one of the hardest known materials - silicon carbide - into a powder substance. This powder can be utilized as a durable, light and more environmentally friendly spray-coating on a number of different surfaces, such as air turbines and car. In addition to the title “Female Entrepreneur Norway 2017”, Espallargas will be awarded 500 000 NOK as well as mentoring.

The award was presented by Innovation Norway’s CEO Anita Krohn Traaseth, Minister of Trade and Industries Monica Mæland and Minister of Culture Linda Hofstad Helleland. The other two finalists were Marianne Haugland Hindsgaul from Bubbly Group, and Siv Hilde Houmb from Secure-NOK. You can read more about the award on Innovation Norway’s webpages.

Singing astronauts, empowered women and “shitty robots”

An array of world-renown speakers shared their thoughts with the Technoport audience during the first day of the conference, amongst others the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield - known for having sung David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” from the International Space Station. Hadfield proclaimed from the stage that he appreciated being able to visit the technology capital of Norway. In addition the audience had the pleasure of hearing Simone Giertz - The Queen of Shitty Robots, Karin Knox from Palantir and many, many others.

This is what happens at Technoport tomorrow

The winner of the ScaleUP Challenge will be announced tomorrow, at 12:30. In addition there will be an opportunity to see an exhibit like no other: Startup Expo. It will commence at 08:00 and you can find a complete overview here.

Photo: Wil Lee-Wright

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