Technoport celebrates partnership agreement with Enterprise Estonia Norway

Technoport`s partner network experiencing rapid growth.
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Today Technoport, a vibrant tech innovation conference gathering academia, industry, researchers and students every spring in Trondheim, Norway announced that they have signed a partnership agreement with Enterprise Estonia Norway. The contract was signed by Technoport's CEO Lars Iversen, and Enterprise Estonia investment manager in Norway, Geir Eckmann. The contractual signing was hosted by another strategic partner of Technoport - Trondheim Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is a strong supporter of commercialization of innovation. Its CEO Berit Rian and General manager Anne-Kathrine Willumsen were present at the signing ceremony.

Enterprise Estonia

Of the recent Technoport`s partner network growth , Technoport`s CEO Lars Iversen said: “We started as another regional conference a few years ago, and I am very proud to see such a great international interest in Technoport today. Estonia is a pioneer in a number of technological areas, among those are e-government and smart cities. They also are the first ones to open for E-citizenship for entrepreneurs from all of the world. Like Technoport they set ambitious goals: Centre d`Etudes Prospective et d`Informations Internationales has calculated that in ten years Estonia`s GDP will be on the same level as Nordic countries.

To achieve such an international relevance Technoport:

  • Focused on closer communication with international innovation communities
  • Worked closely with its primary partners like Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Sintef to identify main research areas for the next decade.
  • Hosted famous Starmus conference to gain more international experience

Founded in 2005, Technoport is a membership-based organisation located in Trondheim, the technology and knowledge capital of Norway. Technoport's main mission is to "To actively contribute to innovation and build a culture for innovation, commercialiyztion and entrepreneurship". Everyone who is interested to connect with leading Norwegian tech entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders in both the public and private sector, students, researchers and dreamers should visit Technoport. "We believe knowledge-driven innovation requires a seamless approach from research to industry. And we aim to act as a catalyst for the future Norwegian knowledge economy."

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